Olivia Culpo once again dazzles with her leather and high heel street style

Olivia Culpo definitely is on a mission. She wants to establish herself as a fashion icon. Her style keeps evolving and she always has a surprise in store. Especially with one of her latest street style outfits featuring lots of leather and high heels.

Oliva was in SoHo, New York last week and wowed in one of her classic, unique outfits. You may ask why she didn’t win high heel celebrity of the week if we like her look so much?

Well, that’s simple. We didn’t come across this until now. So, we’ve basically missed it in time for Saturday. It happens. Well, no point in crying over it. Instead, let’s focus on Olivia’s stunning look and unique outfit.

She definitely opted for an outfit that will be remembered. It featured a daring and revealing white lace shirt which Olivia rocked almost fully unbuttoned. This, the shirt revealed her matching bra. Olivia drew the attention there with a long, elegant necklace, too.

The shirt was then tucked into an incredible black leather skirt. It was quite the skirt for sure. It featured a high waist with a leather belt. The leather skirt also had pockets and was a classic long, A-line style.

The skirt also had a slit at the front making it easier to walk. Plus, it also revealed more of Olivia’s stunning footwear.

Culpo was rocking a pair of black leather thigh high boots. They were quite the boots with a skin tight fit, elegant curved high heels and metal pointed toes.

Olivia’s glamorous look wasn’t done, though. She also rocked a fashionable handbag by Salvatore Ferragamo. It matched well with Olivia’s Nina Ricci outfit.

She also opted for unique jewels and earrings. And there’s more! Olivia kept her hair in a bun. She rocked accenting makeup with bronze eyeshadows, cat-eye eyeliner and darker lipstick. The end result was quite stunning. It’s definitely an outfit, look and style to remember and definitely one that’s quite inspiring, albeit not really something you could pull off all the time. But for those special, glamorous moments… it may just do the trick.

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