Orthopedist creates the first actually comfortable high heels

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Wing high heels
Image credit: Kickstarter campaign

High heels can be very uncomfortable for some wearers. There are many reasons for that and also many ways to relieve high heels pain. But something needs to be done. Now an orthopedic surgeon claims she has made the world’s first truly comfortable high heels.

Dr. Taryn Rose has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get funding for her new high heels. We say “new high heels” as Rose already has a shoe collection that has turned into a $40 million business.

Her new heels though are even more special. Rose calls them Wing shoes. They use special Wing soles made by Enrico Cuini. The soles are made out of carbon fiber and fiberglass. They are shaped to follow the shape of the foot and give maximum sex appeal to the woman, or so says Rose.

How exactly is a carbon fiber sole making the heels more comfortable? Rose tells MailOnline that the wings “flutter” as you walk and provide a sort of a pumping action. This helps the blood flow which decreases the swelling in the feet and provides comfort.

Additionally, the wings give extra support to the foot making the wearer feel more stable. There is an added platform to lower the angle of the foot further relieveing pressure from the ball of the foot.

So far there have only been made a few prototype shoes. They have proved the concept, so the Kickstarter campaign is trying to get the funding and also to test the waters for interest.

The goal is to have several different designs of the shoes at various price points. Even the cheaper ones though are going to cost you. Prices will start at 300 dollars and will go all the way up to $1200. If there’s a big enough market, the prices will fall a bit, says Rose.

The cheaper shoes will be classic stilettos. They will have a 3.5-inch heels and will be available in red, black and silver.

In the medium spectrum will be the Peep-toe sandals. They will have a 5.5-inch heels with a 2-inch hidden platform. They will cost $600 and will be offered in black and Fuschia.

In the $600 range there will be another option – the platform stiletto. They will have a 4-inch heel with a 1-inch hidden platform. Color choice is red or black.

Then, for $700 will be the Laser-cut Bootie. They will have 5.5-inch heels with 2-inch hidden platform. They will be offered in a color combo of black and burgundy.

And finally, we have The Tarina. A sandal with lots of straps, open toe and jewels. Featuring a thin high stietto and a visible platform. The price – $1200.

If all goes well, Rose estimates the shoes will be ready for the summer of 2015. We wish her luck and we hope the shoes really are as comfortable as she says. The more comfortable heels out there, the better.

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