Our favorite high heel celebrity of 2015 – Victoria Justice

There were so many great celebrities in high heels during 2015 that we had to have another category – our favorite celebrity of the year – Victoria Justice.

Victoria is one of the celebrities who loves to experiment with different outfits and shoes, but always manages to stay stylish and never goes over the top. Just this past year we’ve seen her on many events and she was always looking incredible from head to toe.

This is why we named her our favorite celebrity in high heels for 2015, since she never really did disappoint us. Even her casual, everyday outfits and shoes were  great. If you want great tips on how to dress great, be in style but also always be stylish, then you should definitely check out Victoria’s fashion choices.

We have a special gallery to show exactly what we mean. Also, don’t miss out to find out who is the high heel celebrity of the year right here. Also, check out our favorite pictures of Victoria Justice in high heels. Now, enjoy.

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