Pamela Anderson looks all business in high heels in London

Pamela Anderson will be remembered as one of the most daring celebrities of all time. Even so, she can also be very elegant and stylish in high heels.

Pamela is in London for one of her activist initiatives. She posted a letter to the British Prime Minister Theresa May,

The letter is about an initiative to ban wild animals in circuses by Peta. Pamela often joins such causes which try to save as much animals as possible.

And she always looks great while she does it. This time she looked all business.

Pamela rocked a stylish trench coat which was buttoned up and kept her warm. Underneath you could only see a black turtleneck sweater.

She then balanced the outfit with a short skirt, revealing her toned legs. To complete her stylish look, Pamela rocked a pair of sky high heels. They featured pointy toes and looked stylish, but also challenging.

Even so, she handled them with ease. Pamela also carried a stylish bag and rocked a pair of sunglasses. She looked superb!

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