Pamela Anderson wows on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in super high heels

Pamela Anderson wowed on her recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She rocked a pair of amazing Christian Louboutin high heels.

Pamela has once again drawn attention to herself. She was named the last ever woman to pose for Playboy before the famous magazine stops with the nude pictures and transitions into a more “family friendly” photography and articles.

It’s a logical choice since, she is by far the most famous Playboy starlet of all time, having posed for the magazine numerous times and actually being able to pretty much build a career out of that. With the latest news around the magazine, she has once again become interesting for the media.

The timing is perfect for Pamela who has a new movie coming out next month. She brought some of the classic 90s strut and outfit for her appearance for the Jay Leno show, showing off pretty much her entire legs thanks to a pair of hot pants and super high heels by Christian Louboutin. The heels in question are Louboutin’s model called Pigalles. They are quite high and stylish, though.

Pamela had balanced out her outfit by choosing to cover her top half completely thanks to a long sleeved turtle-neck sweater. It was definitely an interesting outfit to say the least and also one that few women could pull off. Luckily Anderson is one of them.

Pamela Anderson – T0n1ght 5h0w with Jay Leno… by NBCUni

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