Paris Hilton wows in a stylish dress and high heels at LAX Airport in LA

Most people go for something casual and comfortable when travelling. Not Paris Hilton. She wowed at the LAX Airport in a stylish long dress and high heels.

Why opting for jeans and sneakers when you can be so much more glamorous? At least that’s what we think Paris thought when choosing her outfit for travelling.

Instead of opting for something everyone would, Paris once again decided to break out from the pack. Now, there have been quite a few sightings of celebrities travelling long distances in sky high heels, but never in combination with a matching glamorous dress.

Paris looked stunning in her long stylish dress as she held one part of it to make walking easier… or to show off her toned legs… you decide.

She was rocking a pair of classic black pointy toed stilettos which she handled with ease. This was despite the dress’ best efforts to get caught in her heels.

Paris was rocking a pair of aviator sunglasses and a handbag. Overall a great outfit for her.

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