Penelope Cruz stuns at the Zoolander 2 premiere in Madrid

The long-awaited Zoolander 2 is finally in the cinemas. But people at the premiere in Madrid were talking about Penelope Cruz and her stunning looks.

Penelope had a lot of fun at the premiere and said she loved filming Zoolander 2. She said she wanted to step away from the drama movies she usually makes and do something lighter andĀ funnier. So when she was invited to take part in Zoolander 2, she didn’t hesitate and jumped on board.

It wasn’t without its strange moments. “Ben was talking seriously to me while dressed in these ridiculous clothes and with that crazy hairstyle, I couldn’t stop laughing in his face”, Penelope adds.

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Despite that, everyone are pretty happy with the results and hope people will like the movie. During the premiere in Madrid though for a long while it wasn’t the movie that was the top talking point, but it was Penelope and her superb dress.

She had chosen a long, glamorous Versace dress with a golden insert where the slit for the leg should be. It also had an symmetrical top part and low bust line. As a whole, the dress looked like two dresses wrapped in one. Very nice.

Penelope was rocking a pair of simple and stylish silver high heels with ankle straps as a finish to her outfit. She had her hair loose and had chosen several jewels to add on to her stunning look.

Mind you, Penelope’s looks in the movie are also worth noting. Here are some stills from the set.

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