Petra Nemcova and Jennifer Garner wow in stunning evening dresses and high heels

Petra Nemcova and Jennifer Garner were at the far ends of the Paris from each other, but still stunned equally. They rocked amazing dresses and high heels.

Both ladies had some very special occasions to go to, so they did it in perfect style. And they were not too shy about showing off a bit to the delight of onlookers and photographers.

Petra was at the amfar Paris Dinner. As with any amfar event, the high fashion was a must. And Nemcova didn’t disappoint.

She came to the event rocking a superbly stylish long sequin dress. It was a bit of a challenge for her though as it seemed a bit too long. This made negotiating stairs a bit difficult, but Petra managed it with a smile.

She took the opportunity to show off the matching strapped high heels she was wearing. And also to pose a bit.

Jennifer Garner was at the Paris Fashion Week, Atelier A/W 2016 show. She rocked a beautiful long black dress with several asymmetrical pieces.

The dress was also revealing Jennifer’s entire right leg and ankle-strapped high heels.

Garner was definitely enjoying the attention and also took the time to pose for photos. This made everyone quite happy, too.

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