Petra Nemcova looks flawlessly elegant in OTK boots at the AOL build Show in NY

Supermodel Petra Nemcova impressed once again with an elegant and attractive outfit. One that featured a pair of stunning leather over-the-knee boots.

Petra was at the AOL build Show in New York. She arrived in a timeless and flawlessly looking elegant outfit.

It was both a very simple and elegant outfit and one that was a real head-turner. Achieving this balance is not easy, but Petra showed us exactly how it’s done.

Her outfit started with a classic plaid jacket which reached to the mid-thigh. Petra rocked it unbuttoned to reveal her main outfit. it featured a classic white slightly frilly shirt which was tucked into a hug-me style elegant black leather skirt.

The skirt featured an asymmetric style with a split over the left leg. It revealed Petra’s dotted pantyhose and the top of her OTK boots.

The boots were a classic elegant style, well fitted along the leg and covering the knee. They had classic pointed toes and kitten heels. yes, OTK boots can and do look great with lower heels, too.

Petra completed her look with an almost no-makeup look and styling her hair long and combed backwards. An elegant black handbag was the final touch to her elegant and stylish look.

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