Pia Toscano makes a fashion statement in high heels

Pia Toscano has remained somehow away from the fashion spotlight. This is about to change after her latest fashion statement in elegant high heels.

Recently she was spotted in Beverly Hills and that’s the exact moment she showed us her fashion power. Pia opted for a simple, casual outfit which had tremendous effect.

It also shows that what’s important is how you wear the clothes, not the clothes themselves. The simple outfit featured a white crop top and ripped jeans.

Pia also opted for a long, thin summer coat and a pair of elegant nude colored high heels. That’s it! It’s pretty much an outfit which millions of women wear every day in various variations.

So why did Pia caught our attention so much? Because of the vibe and overall look she had. It was one of confidence and comfort with one’s own self.

This what you should aim for when you choose your outfits and shoes – how to they make you feel. Do you feel that you’re yourself in the clothes you wear? No? Then it’s time to change them up a bit. Or you do? Then, great! That’s how it should be.

A quick look back in time shows us that Pia is a master of this. All her outfits represent her well and she looks confident and comfortable. Even when it comes to photoshoots for magazines, the same thing stands.

This latest outfit is the fashion statement from Toscano to remind us of that. And to also remind us we should pay more attention to her.

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