Pippa Middleton ups her style

Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa Middleton has gathered quite some attention lately. Pippa who rarely wears high heels is upping her style and looking better by the day.

Pippa loves the more casual outfits, often runs and rides a bicycle. She is opting for high heels and formal dresses only for special occasions. So far she has remained in the shadows without drawing too much attention.

But when she came to the royal christening of Kate’s daughter Charlotte, people were reminded why Pippa got the nickname “her royal hotness” which she got at Kate and William’s wedding. Pippa had chosen a sylish vanilla-colored dress by Emilia Wickstead and a pair of nude colored high heels with pointy toes by Charlotte Olympia.

Even the designers took notice. “Pippa Middleton is the epitome of elegance and style” Jane Taylor said to the US Weekly. Pippa had a hat by Jane Taylor for the event, too.

Pippa Middleton definitely looks very elegant and stylish. With her picking the times and places where to show her best, this makes the occasions even more special. Still, she has shown she can look great during her casual days out, too.

What we would love to see though is her wearing high heels and dresses more often, as they really do look great on her.

Nicely done.

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