Podiatrist reveals how to successfully walk in high heels

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There are a lot of tips and suggestions on how to walk in high heels. But when a professional podiatrist says what to do, it is best to listen. Here we go.

Podiatrist Margaret Dabbs has recently spoken to Marie Claire and has given five tips on how to successfully walk in high heels. Some of them you might have heard already or maybe you are even doing them in which case you deserve a cookie. If you don’t know them or aren’t doing them, now you have professional advice why you should be.

First is to start training your foot arch. The arch moulds into the shape it hast to accomodate. This means if you wear mostly low shoes and high heels only for special occasions, you will be very uncomfortable since the artch is not used to it. Likewise, if you wear mostly high heels, you will feel discomfort wearing flat shoes. The trick is to do regular foot exercises and train the flexibility of your foot arch, Dabbs says.

Next up is know how wide your feet are. You need enough room at the toes and the ball of the foot. If your toes are squished together, that is a recipe for pain and lots of it. Pick styles that provide enough room.

The higher and the thinner the heel, the more pressure and weight falls on the ball of the foot. This leads to pain under the toes and calluses. Either pick lower and chunkier heel and/or add extra cushions/pads in the insole to give more comfort an support to the ball of the foot.

Simply don’t wear flatforms. For those of you who haven’t heard of them, you are lucky, These are shoes that mix wedges and flats into one. Not only they are quite ugly, Dabbs says they are the worst type of shoes. Their ridgid soles limit the movement and put extra pressure on both your ankles and knees.

Finally Dabbs says you have to vary the height of your high heels and shoes in general. Don’t be wearing only one style of shoes all the time. It’s even better if you can change your shoes throughout the day. Dabbs says she wears trainers on the commute, then high heels for a meeting, then wedges for after work. Of course it is not always possible or practical to do that all the time, but at least from time to time would be nice. She also says 1.5 inches is the best heigth for heels to keep the arches supple and the feet fit.


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