Priyanka Chopra looks superbly elegant in a purple leather skirt and high heels in NY

Priyanka Chopra has had a busy week. Just after she returned from the Cannes Film Festival, she was in NY for Good Morning America and wowed in a superbly elegant outfit.

Priyanka has really upped her fashion game lately. She seems to be getting more and more confident and that reflects on her overall look and outfits.

Priyanka was a guest on Good Morning America and turned up to the event in a superbly stylish and elegant outfit. It really looked great on her.

She opted for a simple and stylish white shirt with long sleeves. The shirt was tucked into a superb long purple leather skirt.

The skirt had a fitted waistband and then flared out as it continued almost to Priyanka’s knees. She completed her stylish look with a pair of white ankle-strapped high heels. They had thin high heels and small bows to complete their look.

Priyanka opted for some accenting makeup and styled her hair loose around both shoulders. She looked very comfortable and confident which was more than great.

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