Priyanka Chopra shows how to fight in high heels (videos)

Do NOT make Priyanka Chopra angry. Just don’t. She was recently on Live with Kelly and showed off her defense and fight skills in high heels.

Priyanka stars in the series Quantico and does all of her stunts. What’s more she does them in high heels.

And, she says, this is her specialty. So, the hosts challenged her to demonstrate her skills. Actor Jerry O’Connel had to take the brunt.

And he did. Priyanka says she loves high heels and gladly wears them when she can. Also, she can fight in them. Very well at that.

Kelly even exclaims that Priyanka is so dainty looking, but actually freakishly strong. And you can see why in the videos below.

So, yes, don’t make Priyanka angry. Also, those are some nice golden high heels she wears, right?

Part 5 — you could never tell this girl with this innocent face could kick your ass 😛 #priyankachopra #LiveWithKelly #livekelly

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Part 6 — THEY Were so SHOOK #LiveWithKelly #livekelly #priyankachopra #quantico

Видеоклип, публикуван от Priyanka Chopra Fan | Quantico (@pcourheartbeat) на

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