Retail execs predict the high heels trends for Fall 2015

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Retail execs predict the high heels trends for Fall 2015Some of the top retail executives recently have revealed their predictions for the high heels trends for Fall 2015. You might be surprised by some of them.

For example, the 2015 New York Fashion Week showed us that most designers prepare for a Fall season filled with thin heels, medium platforms, classic colors. But Footwearnews has talked to some of the top retail executives to hear about their predictions for the high heels trends for Fall 2015 and there are some interesting differences.

Erica Russo, who is the Operating VIce President & Fashion Director for Accessories at Bloomingdale’s says she expects the 70s influence from Spring 2015 to carry over to Fall 2015. Suede and saturated colors will be abound as well as leather. Boots and booties will be again a top priority for ladies. Erica also predicts that the heels will be low and blocky instead of high and thin. Ankle laces, fringe and fur trims will be a popular way to give some extra details to the shoes.

According to Garret Breton, VP of Merchandising & Marketing for Comfort One Shoes, the number one trend will be the ankle boots aka booties with lots of extra details like buckles, straps and zippers. Breton also expects chunkier heels but darker and bleaker colors like grey.

Colleen Sherin, VP & Fashion Director at Saks Fifth Avenue on the other hand expects that the athletic trend will gain momentum. As for high heels, she also predicts the 60s and 70s influence to be high and mod boots to be leading the pack. Chunky heels and metallics will be another often seen details.

David Jassem, who is the President of David’s Shoes says he is expecting boots and booties to be the main interests. The more the better. He also says that black will always be the main color followed by touches of skins.

Finally, Stepanie Cuen, assistant buyer ar says man-tailored designs will be strong. She also expects that boots will be lower both in heels and shaft height. So you will be seeing more mid-calf boots and booties during the Fall 2015 season.

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