Rihanna impresses in a purple dress and strapped high heels in London

Rihanna showed off an elegant style in a purple dress and strapped high heels in London. She was there to launch her Fenty Beauty collection.

Rihanna’s new makeup collection is quite impressive, no doubt. It follows her personal tastes and ideas for best looks.

Given that she’s been one of the top celebrities for a decade now she certainly has a lot of experience what works and what doesn’t. So, her new Fenty Beauty collection represents this and allows you to look always at your best.

Just as Rihanna did at the launch of the said collection. She beamed with glamorous, but tasteful makeup which accented her natural beauty.

Her outfit was also quite impressive. Rihanna opted for a shoulderless purple dress with a pleated style.

She teamed the dress with a pair of strapped high heels. They were silver, with a glittering pattern and were winding up along the calf.

Rihanna also sported a pulled pack hairstyle, but allowing for most of her curled hair to flow around her shoulders. She looked quite good. So good in fact, that her fans praised her for her looks. Some of them were also surprised to learn that Fenty is her actual last name.

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