Rihanna leaves little to the imagination in a see-through dress and boots

Well, it was bound to happen. Rihanna left pretty much nothing hidden in a daring see-through green dress and lace-up boots. And that wasn’t for an event.

The popular singer was spotted leaving The Edition Hotel in New York rocking a bold and daring long green lace dress. So far so, good. The thing is though, the dress was completely see-through. Completely.

And it wasn’t some wardrobe malfunction either. Rihanna had chosen the dress specifically for it’s see-through qualities and pretty much left everything out to be seen.

The bold dress was paired with lace-up boots which rocked thick heels and green toes. Ironically enough, the boots were the only item on her which was covering something. They were in tune with the latest Alice in Through the Looking Glass movie theme. Talk about puns with seeing through something.

Rihanna had her air in a bun and straddled with a confident look through the hotel. Naturally she quickly became the talking point of everyone around for quite some time. Now she will be your talking point. Yay or nay on the daring outfit?

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