Rihanna puts on a fashion show in boots in Stockholm

Rihanna made a small fashion show when she took to the streets of Stockholm. She rocked an interesting outfit featuring boots and an interesting dress.

Rihanna is currently on her “Anti World” tour and she travels a lot. For the European leg she is really hitting the fashion stride.

Fans in Stockholm were stunned by her latest outfit. Rihanna was wearing a long, loose yellow dress. It had several asymmetrical pieces and a floral print.

As we know, Rihanna is also a big fan of high heels and boots. So she completed her outfit with a pair of black leather calf boots. They featured a small platform and high, chunky wooden heels.

As the night progressed, the cool Stockholm weather gave Rihanna a chance to add something else to her outfit. It was a black leather jacket, probably owned by someone from her staff since it was way too big for her.

Even so, it actually fitted her look quite well and matched the yellow dress and black boots perfectly. So, yet another great outfit from Rihanna.


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