Rihanna wows NY in a denim outfit and stylish slouched boots

Rihanna is quite busy these days launching her new Fenty Galaxy launch. She continues to impress with new stylish and attractive outfits and high heels.

A few days ago Rihanna was in New York to launch her collection there, too. She wowed NY with her unique and stylish outfit.

Denim seems to be making its way back to the main stage. Rihanna certainly knows how to make denim the main event.

She rocked a fitted, cropped denim shirt with longer and looser sleeves. Rihanna kept the shirt generously unbuttoned. She teamed it with a matching denim miniskirt which had a tight fit and a belt.

Rihanna then paired the outfit with matching denim boots. They were quite elegant with a slouched design, white toes and semi white thin heels. This made the heels look shorter than they really were.

The famous singer looked as stylish and as confident as ever. She styled her hair long and loose in slight curls and brushed back. Rihanna also opted for elegant sunglasses, some pearls and diamond earrings.

She looked quite stylish as a result.

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