Rita Ora and Bella Hadid show us the wide range of leather and high heels in two different styles

Leather is usually connected with stricter or provocative fashion styles. But it can be quite elegant and casual even. It depends on the overall style of the wearer. Just like Bella Hadid and Rita Ora showed us this past week.

Both Bella and Rita often wear leather in various styles for different occasions. This time they gave us a great example of how leather can look great in vastly different styles.

For example, Bella was going out in Manhattan late last week. She opted for a more provocative and daring style. Hadid rocked a simple and elegant leather coat-dress. A very short leather coat at that.

She teamed the rich reddish color with a pair of white almost knee-high boots. The boots featured a loose fit, pointed toes and wide high heels which weren’t overly high.

Bella completed her look with accented eyeliner and a fountain-like hairstyle. The end result was a kind of a 60s look for Bella with added style. It was a simple, yet very powerful and great looking outfit.

Rita Ora on the other hand was all the way in London. She was at the BBC Radio 1 Studio and opted for a casual-looking outfit. But it was an outfit which was quite more complex.

It starts with a furry sweater-like top jacket to keep her warm. Rita paired that top with an elegant long leather skirt. It was an A-line style in a pale pink color with a long and loose swaying style.

Rita also rocked a pair of foot-strapped pointed-toed high heels. They were black with a mesh toe-box. Rita also rocked a pair of white socks with colorful stripes for extra warmth and comfort. Yes, the socks with high heels trend is still alive and well.

And in the case of Rita it actually looks well and fitting with the rest of her attire. Rita kept her hair in a closed bun and rocked accenting makeup without going overboard with it.

The end result was a casual, but stylish look. It showed us how versatile leather can be, especially when worn right.

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