Rita Ora once again stuns in superb high heels and a short dress

Rita Ora has been on a fashion roll lately. She just continues to impress again and again with stunning outfits. Like the latest short dress and high heels she picked to rock in New York.

As we all know, Rita is no stranger to the bolder and more daring style. She is actually a pioneer in it and knows how to make the most of it.

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise when she once again pulls of an outfit few will be able to pull off. And she makes it look easy in the process, too.

Rita was seen in New York recenlty. She was wearing a great short dress with a deep neckline. The dress was fitted and short with a flaring skirt.

To complete the look, Rita had opted for a pair of purple strapped high heels. They featured thick 60s-style heels and a medium platform.

In order to make her look even more glamorous, Ora had gone for a bold hairstyle showing off her long blonde flocks. A dash of accenting makeup was completing her great look. Needless to say Rita was a headturner and looked as confident as ever in her daring but stylish outfit.

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