Rita Ora returns to her unique daring style in high boots in London

Rita Ora made waves a few years ago when she rocked incredibly daring outfits on a regular basis. Since then she’s changed up her style quite a bit.

Even so, she has still managed to keep her unique touch. And after what seemed to be a while, Rita is bringing her unique daring style back.

Or at least she did for the TINGS Magazine launch party in London. It was there where Rita opted for a unique combination of the two opposites – the most casual top and the most classic daring combination.

Rita opted for a classic sweatshirt as her main top. Underneath though she was rocking a fishnet bodysuit which she had no problem showing by slouching one shoulder.

The sweatshirt was tucked into an elegant black leather skirt. The skirt featured a leather belt and was pleated, reaching to about her knees.

And the said knees were visible, showing more of the fishnet bodysuit. Finally, Rita rocked a pair of lace-up black leather boots. They were by Louboutin and featured the classic red soles and thin sky high heels.

Rita also opted for a D&G purse and a cap. She also rocked a pair of crystal-studded sunglasses (it’s all about the style). And finally, some golden jewels and red lipstick completed her look. It’s a simple, but unique style, which we were used to from Rita. So, we’re glad to see it make a comeback.

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