Rollasole foldable shoes for when high heels defeat you

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Rollasole foldable shoes for when high heels defeat youEven though we love high heels here, we know that sometimes you simply can’t wear them all the time. Rollasole are roll up shoes that will fit in your clutch bag and even leave room for other stuff.

As much as it hurts us to say it, high heels defeat quite a few ladies every day. There are women that go too high for too long and too soon. Or simply have a very long day and at the end their feet are really, really uncomfortable and painful.

The most often reply is “well, simply bring a pair of extra shoes, to change”. That might work when you are at work or carry a big bag. But what if you are out clubbing or at a party and have just a clutch bag? Should you suffer?

Enter Rollasole. A company founded by Matt Horan back in 2008 when he was 28 years old. He wast tired of carrying his girlfriend home after parties because her feet were in too much pain father wearing high heels. So he started working on a pair of roll up shoes.

And he managed to do it. Currently Rollasole are offered in about a couple of dozens designs. They can suit a wide arrange of outfits so you will continue to look good even when you are not on your favorite pair of high heels.

Rollasole has some nice ideas too. The company is seeling a Wedding pack which features 24 pairs of their roll up shoes in three different sizes. The idea is to give them to bridesmades or other guests who are getting more and more tired and their feet hurt but still want to dance.

The prices of the regular Rollasole shoes vary depending on the design and used materials. The cheapest shoes are just 7.95 British pounds and the most expensive go for 19.95 pounds.

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