Rosci Diaz looks stunning in a fitted leather dress and lace-up high heels

TV star Rosci Diaz is known for her love for unusual high heels. She knows how to match them with great outfits to create stunning looks time after time.

She did just that for her appearance on Hollywood Today Live at W Hollywood a few days ago. Rosci once again mixed things up and rocked some impressive high heels and a stunning leather outfit.

Diaz opted for a fitted tan leather dress with a classic pencil shape. It showed off her curves in a beautiful way and highlighted her figure.

While the dress was stunning, the gems were her high heels. They were sky high, with many straps and lace-ups. At the same time they were thin and sexy.

These heels are definitely not easy to pull off or even to match with an outfit. But Rosci did it. And she made it look effortlessly. This is always a telltale sign of a job well done.

To compete her look, Diaz rocked a gold choker necklace, a thin bracelet and rings. Also, she rocked her gorgeous hair long and loose. Finally, Diaz completed her look with minimal, but accenting makeup. All very stylish and very well done.

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