Running in high heels for world records

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Running in high heels for world recordsRunning in high heels is generally viewed as dangerous and very difficult. And if you don’t have enough experience in walking in high heels, then yes, it is. But it also a challenge and many women love a challenge.

So you probably won’t be surprised to find quite a few women that participate in high heel sprints and races. But some go even further when running in high heels both figuratively and literaly.

Some ladies for example break world records. Others are a world’s first. In anyway their achievements are possible thanks to dedication and a lot of training.

Take Julia Plecher for example. She has a lot of experience running in high heels. In 2009 she ran the stiletto race in Berlin with 8.5 cm heels and won it.

She is currently featured in the 2014 Guiness Book of World Records as the fastest runner of 100 meters in high heels. Her time is 14.531 seconds. To put it into perspective Usain Bolt’s world record is about 5 seconds faster but Bolt is not running in high heels but in specially made shoes, plus he is a professional athelte.

Plecher gives advice on what heels are best for running. They have to be with closed toe box and a perfect fit. Otherwise you “run” the risk of slipping out of the shoe while running which will end in pain.

Check her out in her Louboutin heels and nice dress while running for the record.

But you don’t have to be a sprinter to be a high heels runner. Take Natalie Eckert for example. Currently she’s training to become the first person ever to run a full marathon in high heels.

Eckert, who is 37 is a mother of five children. She wants to raise 5000 pounds for two different charities by running next year’s London marathon in heels, the Daily Mail reports.

Natalie says she was inspired by Julia above. She has never ran a full marathon before but she is confident in herself and even thinks she can do it in four hours. If she manages to do it, then she will also get into the Guiness Book of World Records.

Natalie has always been into sports. She runs two nights per week and is doing boxing three nights per week. Despite that she also likes looking good. So she always wears high heels when not training, even on the school run.

Well, since about a few weeks, Natalie now wears heels when she trains too. She says running in high heels didn’t feel strange. Her only worry is getting the heel caught in a hole or something out on the road. Otherwise she is fully confident she will do it.

Guiness requires the minimal high heel height to be three inches. Natalie will run in a pair of five inch heels complete with a small platform. They are also sparkly, similar to the ones Julia has used, but they are silver, not gold. Natalie is also hoping some high heels manufacturers will get behind the idea and support the cause, maybe even donate a pair of shoes in which she will run the marathon. We wish her luck and may she achieve her goals.

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