Sabrina Carpenter dazzles in a short skirt and platform high heels during the New York Fashion Week

Sabrina Carpenter was among the special guests of Marc Jacobs’ private party during the New York Fashion Week. Sabrina dazzled in a short skirt and heels.

She usually sticks to more casual and even sporty style. This time though, Sabrina obviously wanted to attract attention.

She chose the perfect outfit to do so. It mixed up several styles into one which is usually a recipe for disaster. Sabrina, though, managed to avoid it and instead, achieve impressive results.

The opted for a short A-line pink skirt which she teamed with a red blazer. The said blazer had leopard skin panels and buttons.

Sabrina also rocked a shiny black metallic shirt with a floral pattern and stripes which she tucked into the skirt. To add even more to the look, Sabrina also rocked a chain and studded tiny brown belt.

She teamed this look with a pair of classic knee high black socks. Finally, she completed the look with a pair of high platform heels. They featured thick heels, ankle straps and peep-toes. The heels were with a Steampunk-like silver design.

Sabrina kept her long blond hair loose and added a dash of eyeliner to accent her blue eyes. Some accenting lipstick completed her look.

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