Salma Hayek impresses with the most towering of high heels at Jimmy Kimmel’s Live

We all know Salma Hayek loves high heels. For her latest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she decided to really show her love for this great footwear.

Salma headed to the studios in Los Angeles rocking her classic style. But it was a style with the volume up to 11.

The main part of Salma’s outfit was a long, loose summer dress. It kept almost all of her covered, and had an elegant shape with lots of colorful flower prints.

The dress was actually mostly sheer, but from several layers. Salma added a thin black belt around her waist to complete the elegant look.

And then she decided to spice things up with a pair of quite daring high heels. The shoes featured very high platforms. We do mean very high platforms. They seemed a challenge to walk just by looking at them.

And the shoes also had relatively thin high heels, especially compared to the overall height. Even so, they were no problem for Salma who has proven many times she is a master of even the most challenging of high heels.

The pink shoes continued with their daring points, though. They also featured peep-toes and spikes going along the front stripe.

Salma completed her look with a small black purse and oversized sunglasses. She rocked her hair loose and added a dash of pink lipstick. She looked quite elegant.

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