Salma Hayek looks stunning in lace and high heels for Jimmy Kimmel Live

Salma Hayek proved once again she is one of the most stylish celebrities. She rocked a superbly elegant lace dress and high heels for Jimmy Kimmel Live.

You can always expect Salma to impress with her style. She is not afraid to be bold and she is almost always superbly stylish.

For her guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Hayek decided to opt for the latest trends with an added personal touch. Hayek rocked a full lace outfit even down to the high heels.

Salma opted for a short and fitted grey lace dress. Every bit on the dress was lace, even the long sleeves. Her high heels were an absolute match.

They featured the same lace design and color. It is not surprising. Salma is a big fan of high heels, so it is only normal for her to have a suitable pair.

She completed her outfit with a pair of aviator sunglasses. She kept her hair long and loose and looked very stylish. Something we’ve grown to expect from Salma, but we are never tired of it.

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