Sarah Jessica Parker reveals her tips how to be comfortable in high heels

Everyone knows Sarah Jessica Parker loves high heels. She even has her own footwear line and rocks heels all the time. She knows her stuff with the shoes.

So, we’ve always been hoping for her to reveal some of her tips on how to be comfortable in high heels. And she finally did it!

Sarah did an interview for InStyle magazine. In it she talks about for her love for high heels. And she gives some tips on how she’s managing to spend so much time in high heels with no problems.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing the world’s best shoes, being on the ball of your foot for a long time is gonna hurt! I say take them off at every available opportunity – under the table at a restaurant, at your desk, in the car”, she says.

“I don’t get pedicures of things like that, I just do it myself. My daughters and I take some sand and rub it all over our feet and we treat it like a pedicure,” she said.

She says she spends time for at-home sessions to make her feet feel better. Taking care of your feet is very important in order to rock heels for a long time with ease. Need more tips on how to take good care of your feet? We have you covered. And there are some more here, too.

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