Sarah Jessica Parker shows off her new high heel collection

Sarah Jessica Parker has her own SJP shoe line. She has now expanded her high heel collection with new stuff that has been inspired by the bright Las Vegas.

Sarah has teamed up with Zappos Couture and has launched her new Stip collection. It includes “handbags, shoes and candles inspired by Las Vegas,” as the Las Vegas Sun reports.

Sarah and Zappos Couture hosted a pop-up boutique that looked as if it had been plucked from Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue to set the stage for a luxurious event filled with fashion and Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite cosmopolitans and champagne, the publication adds.

The unveiling was held at the Shops at Crystals in City Center at Aria in Las Vegas. There Sarah also speaks a little about her own personal shoe collection and tastes. She unveils that likes to hold on to her shoes for a long time and wears them for a long time. She also has comfortable shoes, “it’s not just high heels”, Sarah adds.

She notes that her love for shoes and especially high heels goes back years and years before the hit show we all know now. It was this love that got her into the fashion business. She says she loves it as it is a different challenge from television.

“It’s good for an actress to have another interest. I have my others, like the fragrance, but designing a wardrobe for a woman is really rewarding. I set out to take this shoe opportunity to make reasonably priced, sexy shoes that would last and be of real value to a woman working hard for her money. I think we’ve succeeded well”, she notes.

For her new collection, Sarah partnered with Geroge Malkemus who is the CEO of popular designer brand Manolo Blahnik. But still it was Sarah’s involvement in every detail. From the names, to the tiny details like the ribbon. She says each style has its own personal story both to her and the wearer.

The Strip Collection is already available and not only in Vegas.

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