Sarah Jessica Parker’s high heel collection debuts at Bloomingdale’s

Sarah Jessica Parker is known for her love for high heels and shoes in general. Her own SJP shoes collection is now offered in Bloomingdale’s as well.

Sarah has given an interview for Harper’s Bazaar in which she talks more about her love for high heels and the main pillars of her own shoe collection. Parker also shares what are her favorite types of shoes and how she chooses what to wear.

“I’ve never considered myself any particular kind of person. In my work, I’m required to wear every shoe of every width, height or shape, color, vintage decade or century. My life dictates that I’m rushing my kids to school in the streets of New York and if it’s mid February, I’m a boot person. If I’m running to the market to get groceries and dinner for my family, it’s likely that I’m going to be wearing something that can traverse city streets. Today, I really wanted to shine myself up and look my best. I often feel that that’s more the case with a heel. I have a shoe called the ‘Veronica’ that’s super dressy and flat. I’ve worn it on red carpet events all summer long. It’s more about what story you’re trying to tell than the height of the shoe. A lot of women can’t wear high heels and they are really, really dressy in flats”, she says.

Parker adds she doesn’t really own that many shoes. She prefers to buy vintage models and keep them for a long time. This has transferred onto her own SJP Shoes collection. “Everything that we produce, we aim to make it deserving of hard-earned dollars. We like to think you can look at anything in this collection and feel like it’s relevant in three or four years. That’s kind of the way I shop”, Sarah says.

She’s here! A warm welcome to @SarahJessicaParker and @SJPCollection!

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“There are three really important pillars to the shoe collection. I wanted very much to revisit and recommit to the single sole. At a time when I first started having this conversation, the shoe industry was flirting with a lot of other styles. I had been a lifelong fan and devotee of the single sole. I also grew up in New York at a time where color was a huge part of the shoe business. Shoe designers like Charles Jourdan were a huge part of using color on a fairly conventional silhouette and last. My business partner George and I very much wanted to really recommit to that idea that had gone somewhat out of fashion. And finally, the grosgrain ribbon at the back was a nod to my mother. I grew up having to wear hair ribbons and grosgrain was pretty much the vast majority and ruling ribbon. When the samples came back, there was no grosgrain and it was just a regular seam. It’s since become our signature characteristic”, Sarah says.

My old friend Fawn. In Candy satin. No filter. I’m serious. Are you at @bloomingdales 59th Street yet? X, Sj

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She adds that her favorite brands are Manolo Blahnik and Steve McQueen. It was Manolo’s shoes that actually created Sarah’s obsession with high heels in the mid ’80s. She bought her first pair on a credit card knowing she can’t really afford it. “When I saw the shoes that were being offered at his show, I just loved them. That was my first real investment in a shoe. But I didn’t know I wanted it until I saw it”, she explains.

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