Sargossa gives tips on how to find comfortable high heels

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Sargossa gives tips on how to find comfortable high heels
Image creidt: Sargossa Instagram

Your high heels bring you pain? Shoe brand Sargossa has some special tips on how to find comfortable high heels that don’t hurt.

And no, it is not a “buy our shoes” type of advice, either. The company’s founder Nanna Liv has spoken to Glamour and shared her tips on the subject.

Liv knows what she’s talking about since the whole point of Sargossa’s high heels are to be comfortable. They are developed with quite a lot of science, technology and  research in the pursuit of the ultimate comfortable high heels while still looking great.

Is that actually the case? Well, as with most shoes, it depends on the wearer and their own preferences. Sargossa’s high heels do rely on some special advancements in order to achieve their goal. Amongst them are special bouncy pads, shock-absorbing cushioning and ergonomic fit.

The key to painless high heels is the even distribution of the weight along the foot, Liv says. “With traditional heels that are 10cm high, 86% – 90% of the weight is pushed to the ball of the foot,” said Liv. “I developed a last for Sargossa shoes which redistributes the weight so that the figure is more 37-57% so they are much more comfortable to wear. My aim is to make shoes, with a heel height of between 7-10.5 cm, that you can wear regardless of the demands of your schedule.”

She adds that this is the key thing you should be looking for when choosing high heels. They should not put too much pressure on only one part of the foot. You can also look for padded insoles that provide extra comfort and help distribute the weight evenly, Liv says. She also notes that it is vital you have enough room for your toes. They should be able to lay comfortable one next to the other and not be pinched together. Also stick to real materials and avoid synthetics. They cost less, but don’t allow the feet to breathe well and rubs the skin.

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