Sargossa high heels have a special insole for extra comfort

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Sargossa high heels have a special insole for extra comfort
Image creidt: Sargossa Instagram

Need more comfort when wearing high heels? The insole of the shoes are very important for that. The shoe maker Sargossa has a new type of insole that will be comfortable for your feet.

At least that is what the company is saying. Its’ specialists have designed a new type of soft insole that Sargossa uses for its line of high heels and booties.

The insole has been designed to take the pressure off the foot and give extra support for the posture. These are the two most important factors when wearing high heels so the company is tackling them straight on.

Sargossa says it has spent more than two years of research with both doctors and engineers. First they studied even the tiniest details of the feet and their behavior during walking. The main goal was to find a balance between high enough heel and preserving comfort.

The end result is a sloping shoe with an optimized angle and height. Each pair of Sargossa high heels has the special insole which is patent pending. It uses medical grade, shock-absorbing foam for even better comfort.

Sargossa’s high heels are usually about 3 to 4 inches high with slight variations. The higher models feature a slight platform at the toes to offset the extra height.

Currently the company is offering about 23 different pairs of high heels and three models of booties. The prices vary from about 170 pounds to 220 pounds. The shoes are available in sizes EU 35 to 41.

The main designer of Sargossa is Nanna Liv. She has spent quite a few years now working in the fashion world and noticed that fashion not always goes well with everyday life.

She notes she always wears stilettos to work as they are part of her professional appearance, but they aren’t always comfortable. So she decied to design her own high heels that would both look great but also be as comfortable as possible.

She says she wants to put an end to the term “No pain, no gain” when it comes to high heels. “Shoe lovers have traditionally had a choice between shoes that look good and shoes that are comfortable, but Sargossa bridges this gap without sacrificing comfort or style,” declares Nanna.

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