Science and high heels join forces – SWINE creates Meteorite Shoes

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Science and high heels join forces - SWINE creates Meteorite Shoes
Image credit: Studio SWINE

Studio SWINE has used 3D imaging and some science to create the new Meteorite Shoes. These high heels are inspired by the Rosetta mission that landed a robot on a comet.

The Meteorite Shoes are created by first studying comets and meteorites that have fallen to Earth, Studio SWINE says. Using 3D scanners the studio creates the digital version of the Meteorite Shoes. Then with the help of CNC milling machines the studio turns the digital versions of the shoes into reality.

Image credit: Studio SWINE

The Meteorite Shoes look quite rough. The exterior is made out of aluminium foam and it looks like it will pack a punch. In reality it is very light as it is 90% air. The same technique is used by the automotive industry to give cars extra strength but also keep them light. When you put the shoes on, your feet will feel the gentle touch of soft Italian leather. So you don’t need to worry they will be uncomfortable.

The shoes are heelless type, the one that Lady Gaga made popular a few years ago. These take a little getting used to, but it is manageable after a little while.

Image credit: Studio SWINE


Currently the Meteorite Shoes are created just as an exhibition piece. The company though has a habit of putting some of its projects into production. So if the Meteorite Shoes catch on and receive a good feedback, it won’t be much of a surprise to see them in the stores. Even if like a limited edition. Imagine walking into the club or restorant in a pair of these.

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