Scientist tells the real reasons why women love high heels

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Scientist tells the real reasons why women love high heelsWomen all over the world love high heels but why? Because they are just so girly and awesome? According to a scientist the reasons are completely different.

Lisa Wade is a Ph.D. and an associate professor of sociology at Occidental College. She has recently spoken to ATTN on the subject and reveals the real reasons, according to her, why do women love high heels so much. As said, it has nothing to do with the shoes themselves. Wade says it’s all about the place of women in the social world.

“We’re at a period of time when women are particularly eroticized as a form of backlash to the overwhelming sameness between men and women. We go to the same schools, we have access to the same jobs…when you actually look at it, there is not a lot of difference between men and women. The body, and fashion as a manipulation of the body, is one of the remaining ways to protect the idea of gender difference”, Wade says.

According to Wade, high heels, along with makeup, hairstyles and special outfits are a way of women to send a message to men. And that message is: “You still get to have the power to approve or disapprove of me”. She says, that is really reassuring to some people on a subconscious level.

If we may chime in here, if the guy you want to attract needs a subconscious way to feel reassured he has power over you, then that guy has some serious confidence issues. So, unless you’re into that sort of thing, we wouldn’t recommend such a person who would need to constantly show everyone he has power.


Then again, that’s not the only reason why women wear high heels, Wade says. As a whole, women feel empowered by wearing high heels, too. That is true. Everyone who has ever worn a pair of killer heels knows that feeling of you being able to take over the world.

But Wade things the empowered feeling is different. “One is through powerful men’s sponsorship, endorsement, and approval. That is power. It’s kind of a power by association. This is a patriarchal bargain. Instead of having power directly, she aligns herself with powerful men. It’s power, but it’s a fragile power because it can be taken away at any time”, she says.

The other way is that high heels give women height and height is associated with power and masculinity, which are “borrowed feminine power through sexualization”, Wade says. She adds that if you don’t wear high heels you may even get disempowered.

All of this sounds a bit too much for us. It seems that most people also don’t agree with these assertions. There is poll over at ATTN that asks does the claims by Wade influence the decision of the readers to wear high heels. 85% have replied with “No”.

If you ask us, the real reason why women wear high heels is much simpler than that – they simply make you feel better. That’s it and it is very effective. But then again, we’re not scientists, so we will just shut up and wear our heels.

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