See how much does a celebrity casual outfit really costs

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Being a celebrity definately requires paying some hefty price tags for everything you own. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley gave us a prime example of that.

Recently Rosie was spotted arriving at JFK International Airport in New York. She was dressed in a sleek outfit that is a casual everyday type of an outfit for a supermodel. But even her effortless causal look actually is expensive. Very, very expensive.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

E! magazine has done the math on Rosies particular outfit and the result is stunning to say the least. Rosie was wearing a black Paige skinny jeans for $169 paired with a Saint Laurent leopard print blouse for $890. On top of it all Rosie had chosen a Saint Laurent black moto jacket for $4,990. Not enough Saint Laurent? Don’t worry as Rosie had also opted for black booties with thin high heels that are going for a “modes”t $1,395.

But that is not the end. Rosie also carried a Givenchy leather bowling bag selling for $2,995. He was also wearing quite a lof of jewels. The most expensive of them is a necklace by Anita Ko that costs 22 800 dollars. The “cheapest” thing on Rosie were her Ray-Ban sunnies that sell for 155 dollars.

This brings the total amount of her outfit up to a stunning 56 559 dollars. Excluding the jewels Rosies clothes and ankle booties came up to a total of almost 10 500 dollars. Being the supermodel she is these prices are not a problem for Rosie, but it does give us a glimpse of how expensive it can be to maintian such a lifestyle even if the outsit seems very simple and casual at first sight.

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