See the fabulous leather and high heels street style at the 2017 Paris Fashion Week

We love Paris. It’s the city where you can see it all, especially when it comes to fashion. So, the Paris Fashion Week is the best time to see the best of the street style.

The first 2017 Paris Fashion Week focused on the Autumn and Winter seasons. While the runways were full with great new outfits and trends for the coming season.

But the Paris Fashion Week street style doesn’t hold back, either. In fact, it showed us, that leather, latex, boots and high heels can be rocked every day.

And you can do that with various of other outfits, styles and fabrics. The end result? An even bigger wardrobe of options to explore. Here are just some of the most impressive street style outfits, featuring leather and high heels during the 2017 Paris Fashion Week. Fell free to be inspired

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