See the weirdest high heels in the world

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weirdest high heelsSometimes fashion goes into the extreme and produces the weirdest high heels one could possibly imagine. And sometimes some that are unimaginable.

Whatever the case you’re about to see some of the weirdest high heels in the world that could probably shock you. We know some of them did that for us.

On the other hand though you might notice some of those supposedly weirdest high heels already be in the stores and in style. Would that mean that crazy looking things like the one in the picture here would also one day be in style?

Don’t hold your breath for that. While some weirdos did slip through the net, most of them won’t. They are neither practical, nor comfortable, nor even suitable for other outfits and living in the real world with rough surfaces and smashed sidewalks.

View these weirdest high heels as art. And be prepared to be properly werided out buy some of the following creations. Or just have a laugh, because some are really cheeky. Anyway, here are the

Weirdest high heels in the world

Need some more? Well here you go. Another selection of crazy high heels. And some familiar ones, too. Also, forgive us, that some of the shoes here are not really high heels. But still, they are weird enough to deserve to be included.

So, what do you think? Are those properly weird or do you actually see yourself wearing some of those high heels? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Or share with us your own weirdest high heels.

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