Seven crazy facts about high heels

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Crazy facts about high heels
Credit: Stuart Weitzman

Sometimes beauty requires one to endure some pain. Wether this is justified or not is upto each individual person and their own boundries. We’ve found a few crazy facts about high heels and the lenghts some women are prepared to go in order to wear them.

These facts about high heels might seem a bit overboard or completely normal. We would say that they are not something we’d recommend to do just to be able to wear a certain shoe.

Although we would certainly understand if that’s your passion. After all a study from 2013 scientifically proved what we all already know – high heels make you look better.

Yes, according to the University of Portsmouth wearing high heels makes women more attractive to everybody else no matter their sex, age or preferences. Add the personal confidence boost you get from wearing heels and there’s no wonder why women put themselves through the following.

The seven crazy facts about high heels

1. Some women for example think their toes are too fat and won’t look good in open toe high heels. So what do they do? Wear only covered shoes? Oh, no. They go and have the fat sucked out of their toes.

2. If you do wear high heels everyday and all day and happend to have to walk a lot, you know how painfull it can be after a while. That’s why some women put botox into the ball of the foot. Well, both feet. This gives them extra protection and supposed comfort while walking in high heels.

3. Still not good enough? Well then you should know that some women don’t stop there. They inject collagen into most parts of the bottom of their feet. Supposedly this gives great comfort no matter what shoe you wear. Or you know, you can stick to a more healthy solution like decent shoe soles which will also be a lot cheaper.

4. Still not scared from these facts about high heels? Brace youself, the craziest stuff is incoming. For example having a surgery that repositions the big toe in order to eliminate the bump on the inside on the foot that can happen when wearingh high heels.

5. Sometimes fashion sense…or insanity, calls for some drastic measures. Like shortening or even cutting a toe off in order to be able to fit into smaller shoes. Because wearking a size or two too big is something unacceptable to some…

6. You’ve probably experienced the sad moment when you find some great looking high heels but they are completely wrong for your feet and no soles or refitment will make them comfortable. Well the, remodel your feet. Yes, some crazy women do even that.

7. Our crazy facts about high heels continue with the big one. The so-called foot face-lift. This is where you go to the doctors and tell them you want basically completely new feet. They can make them longer, shorter, wider, thinner, with different toes.. you name it, they can do it. The question “why would you” though is something that we can’t find a decent answer for apart from “don’t”.

Bonus crazy facts about high heels:

We had to include a couple more. For example according to famous designer Christian Louboutin and his French academic friend, wearing high heels puts women in an orgasmic state of mind. This is because high heels put the feet in an almost idential position to the one they are in when a woman is experiencing an orgasm. At least that what he told The Sunday Times.


Now imagine doing that in Stuart Weitzman’s Rita Hayworth High Heels which are one of the most expensive in the world coming at a modes 3 million dollars. Yes, million.

Well, those are a few crazy facts about high heels. Have some more? Share them in the comments below.

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