Seven geeky high heels

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Sometimes high heel designs are very stylish. Other times they are down right crazy. Here are for example seven geeky high heels that will impress you.

You may not see yourself wearing these geeky high heels, but you will for sure be impressed by their bold designs. Some are rather crazy. ChipChick has chosen seven geeky high heels that are really worth checking out.

If you are a fan of the books and TV show Game of Thrones, than you may like The Iron Shoes. Inspired by the Iron Throne, these killer high heels really are a killer, not only for their height and platform. They are rather cool though, no?

Seven geeky high heels

Up for something more… modest? How about the Mad Hatter Shoes. They also feature a sky high heel and an appropriate platform. Instead of swords though they rely on buttons. Lots of buttons. Unusual? For sure.


And now for something tasty. Very tasty. How about for some strawberry chocolate high heels? Well, you may not be able to eat them but for sure you will look like a very tasty treat in a pair of those.

Strawberry high heels

Spring is now here. Let the flowers blossom everywhere. Including on your high heels. The White Queen’s Shoes are pairing pink glittery high heels with lots of flowers and pearls. Are you up for those?

White Queen high heels

Nixxi Rose is on fire with yet another funky design. How about the pink Magical Unicorn wedges? They again feature colorful pearls but also ankle straps and unicorns. If you want to look magical and apart from the rest, this if your choice.

Unicorn wedges

Even though Halloween is quite far, you can already get these Halloween high heels. They would suit themed parties as well. Or maybe you just want to put everybody in the club on notice? These are the ticket.

Halloween high heels

Last but not least, it is time for the law. OK, maybe not quite. But if you like the Dr. Who series, these are the ultimate high heels for you. They are inspired by the TARDIS and come in the appropriate colors and details. The writing is made with Swarovski crystals, just to make the high heels that little bit more special.

TARDIS high heels

Well those are the seven pairs of geeky high heels. Which ones you like the most? Our soft spot goes for the Strawberry heels. And unicorns…

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