Seven tips on how to rock thigh high boots

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Thigh high boots have gone from the “Pretty Woman” cliché all the way to the everyday fashion. Here are a few tips how to wear thigh high boots properly.

Yes, you can actually wear these great shoes wrong and give out all the wrong impressions. If you are careful though and follow a few simple tips, then you can confidently rock thigh high boots with ease.

Thigh boots are no longer the synonym for the “working girl”. You can see women from all walks of life wearing them now and not only for parties, but for official events, in the office and even for casual walks around town.

Thigh high boots work with quite a lot of outfits. Depending on your goal and taste, you can make them the main part of your look or a discrete detail. They can even only be for your pleasure only and remain hidden for the most part leaving onlookers to wonder just how high your boots are. It all depends on what you want.

Contrary to popular belief, these boots are not the end-all and don’t define the message if you don’t want them to. Even so, most women are still a bit intimidated by the classic thigh high boot and are opting for similar alternatives.

There’s nothing wrong with that. It is a great first step if you have never worn thigh high boots before, but you want to try them out. It is easy to jump straight into the deep with the daring black leather thigh high boots celebrities often rock. But these boots are also the most challenging to “get right”. So, you may want to practice with more casual styles before that.

Suede thigh high boots, especially with low chunky heels, are the ultimate casual choice these days. They are not edgy, look great with jeans, skirts, pants, shirts, coats, you name it. These boots can work for the office, for partying and for a casual day out. Suede boots can even work instead of leggings for example or create the illusion of pants.

If you want to be edgier, then opt for thigh high boots with higher heels. You can balance it out by wearing a longer skirt. Remember: the higher the heels and the shorter the skirt – the edgier you look. So if you don’t want to send the wrong message, steer away from thigh high boots and short tight skirts. Unless it is the right message for the current occasion, of course.

Speaking of skirts, thigh boots work great with almost all types of skirts. A flared one can add a very sexy and stylish look, while a pencil or an even tighter fitting skirt give a more bold and daring look.

Thigh high boots now come in all shapes and sizes. One of them is the gladiator boot. It gives a bold and daring look, without overheating your legs. They are great only for parties and when you want to be at your most daring though. Definitely not an office choice.

For the casual looks, you can rock thigh high boots over skinny jeans. For a more daring look, opt for leggings.

Go for a looser-fitting pair of boots if you don’t want to draw too much attention. But also remember that full-on slouch thigh high boots also attract the looks quite a lot, so find the balance.

If you want to be at you upmost daring look possible, then opt for patent leather or PVC thigh high boots. But be prepared to receive a lot of attention from men and it may not always be “polite” attention. If you do master these boots though, you can then pretty much own the streets and no one will dare say anything about it!

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