Seven ways to be more comfortable in your high heels

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Seven ways to be more comfortable in your high heelsHigh heels can be comfortable. Yes, they really can. It all depends on the type of the heel and the shoe and you can personalize them a bit with some tips.

There are many ways and off the counter accessories which are aimed to improve the comfort of high heels. Many women though seem to neglect them and simply suffer in their heels. Now, for these tips to work, we assume you have already picked high heels that are fitting you properly. Here’s how to do that. Here’s another guide for boots only. Also break in your shoes properly.

We also assume you have also picked heels which height you can handle. If not, here’s how to learn to walk gracefully and then how to master the supermodel walk.¬†You should also know how to take good care of your feet. Now, it is time to actually take a look at some of the accessories and ways to be more comfortable in your high heels.

One of the most common issues is the chafing at the back of your own heel. This is usually because of poor fit or the shoes getting looser with time. It can also lead to your heel popping out of the shoe which is dangerous and can trip you over. So a pair of comfortable Heel grips can to the trick. They are offered in various colors or even transparent and add that much needed extra support at the back of your heel. Here are a couple of options via Amazon:

A cheaper alternative is masking tape, but it won’t have a lasting effect and it won’t be a pretty sight if it were to come loose.

Adding comfortable soles or gel cushions is a great way to lower the pressure on the ball of the foot.

Next, take care for the outer part of your shoes. Add extra grip by simply scuffing the sole of the shoe with some sandpaper. If you want a more… delicate approach, then get some extra pads:

There are also special heel stoppers and tips.

They also add some extra grip and reduce the risk of slipping.

At the end of the day make sure to deodorize the shoes. There are special sprays for that, but you can use your own deodorant. Simply spray a little inside the shoes from a distance. This will prevent them from forming smells and it will also help take away extra moisture. Put some dry teabags in the shoes for a day or so, too. That will remove smells.

These tips might seem like quite a lot of work, but actually they would take up only a couple of minutes each to set up. Then you are good to go for some time until it is needed to replace something. Add the accessories based on your need. If you only feel pressure at the ball of the foot, then you only need cushions. If you only need some extra grip – get some pads only. There is nothing wrong if you need more than one accessories, either. Your goal is to feel comfortable which in turn will make you even more comfortable and sexy on your high heels.

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