Shanina Shaik wows in a denim skirt and high heels in New York

Shanina Shaik was another supermodel who went to the recent Victoria’s Secret castings in New York. She wowed in a stunning casual outfit and high heels.

Shanina impressed with her look and style once again. She made a classic casual outfit into a real head-turner.

Usually a white shirt and a denim skirt are considered a casual staple. A classic attire for a sunny summer day.

And they are. But when Shanina got her hands on it, she turned it into something much more glamorous. She rocked a loose white shirt with a very wide and deep V-neck.

Shanina tucked the shirt into a relatively high waisted denim miniskirt. The skirt featured a ripped lower part and an elegant black leather belt.

She teamed that with a pair of ankle-strapped high heels. They were quite high, well fitted and with three straps holding them in place. Naturally, Shanina didn’t have any problem handling the heels and even posed for a bit for the photographers.

She completed her look by keeping her hair in a styled ponytail and adding a dash of accenting makeup, but without going overboard with it. A very simple, yet powerful look which worked great for the beautiful summer day.

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