Shay Mitchell shows off in three outfits and high heels in a single day

Actress and model Shay Mitchell had a busy day in which she took the opportunity to rock three different stunning outfits and pairs of high heels. Now that is an impressive fashion accomplishment.

It is normal for celebs to change a couple of outfits throughout the day, but usually one of them is a casual one and then a special one for the evening. Shay though showed she can rock three great outfits and high heels in a day and not miss a beat.

This is definitely an impressive accomplishment at least as far as fashion goes. Furthermore, the outfits were all different in style, so it’s not like Shay simply changed her top or something.

First she was seen wearing a long satin bodysuit. It was paired with stylish ankle-strapped high heels. In her hand Shay was carrying a black leather jacket in case it gets too chilly in New York.

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She had left her long hair loose and looked confident and impressive. And that was only the start…

Then Shay had an appearance for the Today show. She went wearing a fitted knee length leather skirt paired with a loose silk shirt with a deep V-neck line. Shay was still rocking the same high heels, though.


Her hair was also still lose, although it was a bit touched up.


She also rocked a pair of aviator glasses and a big leather handbag to complete her all-business look.

And finally, Mitchell attended the AOL Build to discuss “Mother’s Day”. There Shay was even more elegant. She had opted for a stylish long black dress with an asymmetrical skirt.

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Shay had paired the dress with pointy toed high heels with a sling-back detail.

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Her hair was again loose, but she had added a little bit more makeup. Overall a superb look for her.

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