Shoe trends for Fall 2019 – are they getting uglier?

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Shoe trends are always very interesting and dynamic. Fashion labels try to explore their creativity by offering crazier and crazier shoes. Is that good?

Generally, yes, it is. But lately this has resulted in some questionable styles that are peaking through the curtains. Some of them are big yikes.

Styles are changing and for some reason designers have gone away from the classic, elegant, feminine shapes. Instead, they are going for rough edges, squares, thick fabrics and… clogs. Oh, dear!

If you aren’t familiar with clogs, lucky you. Clogs are type of high heels which combine in them a low, chunky, block heel, with a thick platform. Usually all of that is visible wood. It basically looks like a wedge heel with… a wedge cut-out from it to form the heel.

Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Ragnar Jensen

Unlike the wedges, though, the clogs then build up on that with thicker and rougher finishes. For example, the use of bolt-heads to keep the leather for the toes to the sole.

Of course, there are slightly more elegant styles, which can pass as simply mule block heels. But the classic clogs are going beyond that and make it obvious that they are very, very different. They are the one trend that is coming back now that we wish it will go back to the 1970s and stay there.

Another questionable trend is definitely the extreme square toes. These are usually a mix of elegant pointed or curved-toe shoe with a big square around it.


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The intentions to be unique are certainly good, but the results this time aren’t for our tastes. Plus, we imagine walking in them is a bit of a challenge with that wide…thing in the front, waiting to catch itself in all of the cobbles and curbs.

Quilted shoes are also trying to be popular. It can look good on some styles, that for sure. For example on some heels or knee boots. But generally, it’s going to be a tricky one to pull of without looking tacky.

Image credit: Flickr (CC) Quinn Dombrowski

Thick platforms are also coming back. If it’s not on a clog, then they can work for us. Thick platform booties sound ideal for the autumn. It will give you comfort, confidence and the ability to wade through street puddles with ease. Just don’t go too high.

Image credit: Valentino

Another interesting trend is embellished shoes. Think glamorous styles with sparking shoes, crystals along the strap and so on. Some will go overboard with these, but others will stick to a dash of small crystals here and there for a very feminine and elegant look. We definitely approve. As long as the crystals don’t fall off within a week or so…

Mary Janes area also coming back! The simple, elegant and comfortable shoes will offer lots of styles. Some will even go to the very top of a kitten heel, but won’t go overboard. Lovely.

Another trend is in the colors. You can expect to see a lot of green shoes. Especially pistachio green high heels. These are shaping up to be quite the trend.

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