ShoeLicks give your old high heels a new life

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Image credit: ShoeLicks

Your favorite high heels are getting old and scuffed up? A new idea from the company called ShoeLicks can give your old heels a new designer look with ease.

ShoeLicks is inspired by Christian Louboutin’s famous red soles. The company founders thought why not add other colors or patterns even to the soles of high heels that are in need of a revamp.

So they started to make stickers that you apply to the soles of your high heels. There are all kinds of stickers. From plain colors to various patterns in a wide arrange of colors. They some in a one size fits all and with easy instructions on how to apply the stickers perfectly to your high heels.

Don’t like the result? You can easily remove them and you don’t even have to worry about residual glue or traces. It will be like the stickers were never there. This makes it easy to mix and match them to different heels until you find the perfect combination.

Can’t find the sticker you want? You can design your own. ShoeLicks has an option for you to order your own styles. You would have to order a minimum of 12 pairs of stickers though. And if the company and the clients like them, they may even become part of the main portfolio.

But if you like them, can you wear them everywhere? Yes, the ShoeLicks stickers are waterproof. They cost 2.99 British pounds and are sold online and at River Island. There is already interest from Urban Outfitters, ASOS and even London’s V&A museum. They all would like to sell the ShoeLicks stickers too.

The company is also negotiating with Walmart and Le Bon Marche which would make for the international debut of the stickers in USA and France too.

‘Instead of buying a new pair of heels, we’re giving our cheaper high street heels a unique, designer touch whilst also getting multiple looks from just the one pair of heels’, says the company’s founder Charlotte King to the Daily Mail. If the name rings a bell, that is because Charlotte has appeared on Dragon’s Den to see funding for her idea.

So there you are. An easy way to personalize your high heels and make them even more unique.

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