Shoes of Prey lets you design your own high heels

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Shoes of Prey lets you design your own high heels
Image credit: Shoes of Prey

Can’t find the high heels you are dreaming of? Create them yourself. The Australian company Shoes of Prey can then make your shoes especially for you.

The process is incredibly simple and will allow you to fully express yourself through your high heels. Shoes of Prey is founded in 2009 by Jodie Fox who is a laywer. She loves high heels and toghether with Michael Fox and Mike Knapp she set out to turn the phrase “your perfect shoes” into reality.

The company currently has 12 different styles of women shoes. This includes flats (ugh), heeled sandals, pumps, platform heels, wedges, booties. Soon we’re hoping to see boots added to the mix as well.

All of the styles are fully customizable. You can chose from dozens of colors, patterns and materials. This includes soft leather, real leather, patent leather and so on. You can even choose what color the soles have to be, should the heel be wrapped in leather and what color and so on.

The company says there are a grand total of…wait for it… 300 000 trillion permutations. Yes, that’s three hundered thousand trillion different options from which you can choose. This means the possibillity of you not to be able to create the high heels you dream of is close to the statistical error. You’d be better off winning the lottery than not be able to create your dream heels.

Of course that gives another problem. If you can design each and every high heels you want, how can you simply say “no” to such an option? We can’t really say.

What we can say though is that each pair you design and order will be then be made especially for you. They can be made from sizes 31 to 49 EU, so you don’t need to worry about anything. Prices vary a bit depending on your chosen materials but usually they will hover about 200 euro per pair.

Currently the company’s customers have designed more than four million different pairs of shoes, BusinessOfFasion reports. Not all of them are ordered. Sometimes customers just like to spend some time designing shoes and saving their work. We know from experience that it is quite a nice way to spend a quick office break.

Even though Shoes of Prey doesn’t intend to ever have an inventory of ready shoes, they will have stores. In there there will be sample shoes that future wearers can try and decide on their size. They will be able to see and feel the materials used and get advice from employees. Then customers can design and order their shoes right there on the spot.

Be careful though. Designing your high heels shows to be pretty fun… and disctracting.

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