Shoes that shaped the history of footwear

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Shoes that shaped the history of footwear
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For whatever reason people love shoes. Over the centuries there have been countless types of shoes. Some of them have shaped footwear history like no other.

Some of there shoes we wear to this day. Others are tought to be simply crazy and you can rarely see someone wear them. Bustle has a nice selection of shoes that have made the history books and have shaped the history of footwear.

Naturally the first are high heels. Inf fact, they were first worn by men. History is a bit split up when it comes to why they wore them. Some say it comes from Persian times where they were used for horse riding, but when they came over to Europe, locals saw them as a fashion statement. Leaders started wearing crazy high heels just to show everyone who’s boss.

Will men’s high heels ever go back in style? Despite fashion having a knack for repeating itself, it doesn’t seem likely. At least for the near future. What fashion loves to do is break rules. So When you have a shoe with a pointy bit at the back, what do you do? Remove the bit, but keep the shape. Thus the heelless shoes were born.

They first debuted back in 2007 on Antonio Berardi runway show. Then Victoria Beckham started wearing them in public then Lady Gaga made them famous. Even though they look crazy, they are easy to walk with. But even that hasn’t turned them into a mainstream thing.

And if you think heelless shoes are crazy, how about these called Chopines. They were worn by Venetian women in the 16th Century for status statement. And they kept the ladies away from the awful muddy streets back them. Still, they do seem like quite the challenge.

Then come the fairytale slippers. Like the ones for Cinderella, that designers turned into reality. Or the ones Dorothy wore:

They were quite popular back in the day.

Then we have the Armadillo heels by Alexander McQueen. There’s no sugarcoating this one. They are insane.

Again Lady Gaga was the one who loved them the most. Even her popularity though wasn’t enough to make ladies wear them on the streets. Thank goodness. Instead, ladies love the Mary Janes. They have been around for quite some time now, more than 100 years. They are the sole proof that fashion can be timeless.

You can still see them being worn by a lot of women. So if somebody tells you fashion or shoes have an expiration date, show them a pair of Mary Janes and thell them that if something is good, it is timeless.

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