Shopping for high heels is better than sex, study says

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Shopping for high heels is better than sex, study says
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Yes, you read that right. A recent study says shopping, especially for high heels, is better than sex. At least for women that is. They simply feel better after buying a new pair of killer heels than after having sex.

That’s what the smart people say in a study for Birmingham’s Bullring, Birmingham Mail reports. The research was for the mall’s Happy Shopper Index. It set out to find how people were beating the January blues.

And it turns out, if you are a woman, you should go out and buy high heels. This will make you feel better than a whole night of passionate sex with your loved one.

Is that normal? Is this really true? According to the consumer psychologist at University College London dr. Dimitrios Tsivrikos, yes it is.

He says that the thrill of looking for something new and nice is much more exciting than private time. The reason for that is you are getting something new, something that will make you look better and feel better.

If you find a bargain deal, you feel even better. “A bargain purchase can give you a very positive feeling because you are feeling happy that you have managed to solve a problem and to get an offer”, he says to the Mail.

The reason for that is simple. He says humans are not rational beings. We are very much driven by emotions and desires. The shopping experience often is emotionally based and not rational. Everyone who has went to the mall for one thing and has gone home with bags upon bags of shopping, can relate.

The downside of shopping is that it leaves a dent in your wallet. And if you find those designer high heels you’ve always wanted and they are on an after-Christmas sale, the dent might be bigger than you expected.

But maybe you can heal the wound so to speak by showing your new purchase off to your partner and you know… have some more private celebration of the new addition to your collection. Afterall the study dosen’t say if buying high heels and then having sex is better than simply buying heels. So some research is in order.

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