Should very tall women wear high heels?

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Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Ashley Webb

Some unwritten fashion rule says tall women should not be wearing high heels. We’re here to tell you this is nonsense and we can show you why we think so. Straight to the point – tall women should wear high heels… if they want to.

Some people say a tall woman would not look good in high heels. She would be towering over most people, even her date. In result, you don’t see much tall ladies in killer heels. The reason for that actually is the comments they get.

“You are so tall!”, “Wow”, “Are you a basketball or a volleyball player?”, “You are very brave” and so on. These types of comments are what tall women in high heels hear every single time and usually quite a few times. It is true that women like attention, but not the kind with polite-sounding remarks and quips.

If you are a guy and by some chance are reading this, then don’t try to change your tall lady and make her wear flats if she doesen’t want to. It will be very bad if you say to her that she is embarrasing you by being taller. You should have thought of that when you met her.

In most cases people are simply mistaking. They think the tall lady is trying to impose her will over them by towering over. In reality though she simply likes the look and feel of high heels and wants to experience it.

As you would not say to someone who is overweight not to wear bikinis you should not tell a tall woman not to wear high heels. If she likes them, she is more than free to wear them.

And for you tall ladies, if you feel comfortable in your own skin, dress the way you want to dress. This will make you even more comfortable and confident and that will show to everyone. You will still get these remarks but you won’t care as you will also attract the right people.

So in recap. Yes, tall women should wear high heels if they so wish. And you will look great, trust us.

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